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How to Attach Our Bow Tie to Collar

How to Attach Our Bow Tie to Collar (Also, Flower & Neck Tie)

  1. Unbuckle the collar from your pet.
  2. fasten the velcro strip of bow tie around the collar tightly. 
    (make it like a loop. please see the photos below)
  3. Put the collar on your pet.
  4. Make sure the collar fits comfortably.
    (two fingers between the collar and pet's neck)
  5. move the bow tie around the collar for positioning best look!

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how to attach bow tie to dog collarhow to attach flower to dog collar

Our bow tie, flower, and neck tie have a secure touch fastener strip on the back.

  • Easy to attach or remove
  • Stay in place and comfortable every move.
  • Attach to almost any size collar
how to attach neck tie to dog collar